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Doutzen Kroes Hump Updo


Doutzen Kroes has got a hump updo which can make your hairstyle look more attractive. A hump is usually a teased section of hair which will be pushed up to add more height to your hair and it is easy way to get a new look or to change the hairstyle. The hump can be achieved with a small section of hair which is used in a ponytail and it can be incorporated as part of an evening updo also. A front hump where the hair will be pulled back into a ponytail is a very common hump hairstyle worn by most of the women. Here is a simple way that can be followed to create this hairstyle easily.

To get this hairstyle, first divide two to three inch section of your hair above the middle of the forehead at the front and then pull a section straight up away from the head. Use a fine-tooth comb down the back of your section towards the scalp to tangle the hair and spritz the back section with a hairspray. Mow pull the section of hair back with a brush and smooth the front section also. Collect a section of hair at the middle to twist it in half a turn and push it forward to create a hump. At last secure the section of hair to the head with bobby pins and then mist the hump with a hairspray to end the styling.

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