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Hairstyle With Rag Curls


Rag Curls are completely softer than the pin curls and we need only few rag strips to create it. For those who are looking to have a different as well as interesting hairstyle. It is one of the simplest hairstyle which doesn’t take that long to create and you can also have head full of lovely curls. Here are few easy methods that can help to achieve this style.

To get this hairstyle, first cut a piece of cloth into strips which must be about an inch wide and six inches long. Try to create test curls before cutting all the strips. Next was and condition the hair and dry it naturally. You can also apply a little amount of hair little gel and run a dab through the hair before. Now part the hair as usual and section off the hair depending on the curls you wish to have. Take the rag and start curling the hair around and around the strip of cloth to make very tiny curls which will look very cute on children. After the hair is curled fully tie the strip ends together. After the hair becomes dry remove the rags out slowly so the hair doesn’t get tangled. To get ringlets, pull the rag down and not out. At last remove the curlers out and run your fingers through the hair or mist the hair with a little amount of hairspray to complete the styling process.

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