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Bi-level Hairstyle


A bi-level hairstyle is perfect way to style your hair for any special event. In this hairstyle, the hair will be short and there will be bangs all round. There are many celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle as it is very easy to create. You can go to a hairstylist or even try to get this hairstyle at home without any help. This style became popular during the 1980s where the hair used to look very large. Most of the women preferred to keep their hair short as it was easily achieved and also easy to maintain.

This style was started by Farrah Fawcett which started to look flared out sides and it was not easy during that time to get the desired look with long hair. The length of the hair was made shorter for an easier feather look and it also stayed in place without moving away. At the back your head, you can style the hair as per your desire which can be straight, curly, short or long. Another option like multi-level or deep layering was able to provide height and still allowing the length. The hair used to be short as well as straight in most cases and sometimes they were also curled at the end to make them look unique. To get this hairstyle, the hair must be thick as well as strong and then it will be cut into the desired length by hairstylist.

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