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Crimping Your Hair With A Straightener


Crimping the hair can give a very unique look for anyone as there will be many small and sharp waves over the head starting from the root to tip. There are different types of crimping styling tools used to create this style which is available at the beauty stores or online. If you are not planning to purchase a costly styling tool then try out a hair straightener to get this look. But you must always make sure to use the correct technique along with proper tools to crimp the hair to make it look perfect. Here is a simple way to crimp the hair the hair with the help of a straightener.

First straighten all of the hair using a half inch flat iron and then collect top layer of the hair to secure it at the top of the head using a hair clip. Next spritz the hair with hairspray and collect one inch section of your hair to keep it in the middle of the plates of the flat iron at the root. Turn the iron in a half rotation away from the face after clamping the hair and pull rest of hair up and around the iron in opposite direction. Now move the iron half inch down and rotate it toward the face by pulling the rest hair in the opposite direction. At last mist the hair with a hairspray and crimp the other section of the hair in the same way.

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