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Kat Deluna With Bouncy Curls


Kat Deluna has got beautiful and bouncy curls which are a unique way of styling the hair. There are many celebrities who like to style their hair in this way during special occasions to look different. This style can be achieved by going to a hairstylist and you may also try to create it at home by following few simple steps. Here is a way that can help you to achieve this hairstyle without getting help from anybody in a simple way.

Try to deep condition the hair at least once in a week which will strengthen your hair and having an oil treatment once a month can make the hair look shiny. While starting this style, avoid washing the hair as it will remove natural oils and use warm water to rinse the hair. Dry the hair with a towel and avoid rubbing it as it will separate the natural curls and also cause frizziness. Now spread a little amount of curl-defining mousse all over the damp hair and use your fingers to comb the hair. Use a diffuser to distribute a circle of air to the hair dryer which will dry the curls without dividing them. Next tilt the head to one side and move the hair dryer in a slow circular motion toward your scalp. At last spritz all over the hair with a flexible hold hairspray and gently touch the curls with your fingers to end the styling.

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