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Braiding rainbow hair: a colorful plait for spring and summer!



Plaiting hair is one sophisticated look that is eminent among all age groups. Schoolgirls or working ladies plait is a must one- go. How beautiful it looks when immersed in a rainbow! Have a look and decide. To entertain this look, you need to have formally rainbow colored hair from a saloon or done yourself whichever is more apt. Start afresh with upper section of your hair separating it into main thin three strands for making a plait. Pass the left strand over the middle strand and below the right one and right one over the middle and below the left strand. This is called interwining. Then take a little thin piece of hair from the left side section you are not holding but which is near to the section you are holding in your hand and merge it with the left main strand. Repeat it for the right one and proceed. Add thin pieces to right and left as you keep coming down. Leave about three inches hanging loose and then tie a rubber band or a scrunchie. Your rainbow plait is ready!
Wassup new: Get a long bang-on fringe on the front to combine with rainbow plait for that glam girl look. If you donot want to color your hair permanently, u can plait your simple uncolored hair and then spray the plait with temporary colors of your choice to get the rainbow plait effect. You are sure to get the wow’s!!


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