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Creating A Scrunched Hair


Having a scrunched hair can be a difficult process for most of the people. For those with tightly wound curly hair or craving beach tussled waves can remove the frizz to get a scrunched hair. Most of time people will use lot of styling products to create a scrunched hair, but you can also achieve them by following these simple methods. There are lots of products that can be used over the hair which can give stiffer curls and others can add volume or texture, make sure to select the right one.

First you must wash the hair and then condition with a texturizing shampoo. Try to get the conditioners which are used for curly hair as they are the best choice for a scrunched up style and it will also prevent broken or split ends. Get rid of the excess water from your hair and remove tangles or knots using a wide-toothed comb or a vent brush. Spread a little amount of leave-in conditioner over the hair and finger comb the hair. Use a diffuser on the hairdryer and tip the head over for drying the hair from roots to the ends. Now scrunch the hair between the hands in small sections and try to keep it damp. Now you must flip the head right-side up and scrunch the ends by holding hairdryer with diffuser attachment close. At last spread a generous amount of silicone based finishing product in between fingers and apply it over the hair.

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