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Katy Perry’s tight straight ponytail: a long tail with a color.


From amongst different styles of Katy Perry, the blue hair color is the most widely known. She has tried every look that a girl can think of and here we have one distinctive style of hers, a long colored ponytail. Its actually very simple to follow. Straighten up your hair and tie it in a tight pony tail whose crest is at the middle of your head, a little towards the front side. Tie it with a tight rubber band. Now take a thin section of the hair from the ponytail, brush it well and make a thin plait out of it and wrap it around the neck of the tail where rubber band is attached. Fix the ends with a small bobby pin underneath. Don’t forget to use mousse on the ends especially and keep the tail to the side of the neck. Here Katy Perry has used ponytail extensions as she does not have hair that long. For girls having short hair, fix extensions and then rubber band the tail tightly and swathe a small plait around it as above. Spray very lightly with a silver shiner over the tail. The effect is same and simply stunning.
Wassup new: When done with this hairstyle, simply wrap the ponytail around its own neck to get a high bun. Your look is changed! A tighter ponytail gives a cleaner look but make sure you are comfortable in what you style yourself with. Regularly using tight hairstyles can cause traction alopecia.


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