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Rainbow colors to the hair! : highlighting with an edge


When a girl sees a rainbow she wants to touch it, garland it and make it forever hers. And when she can put it on her hair, she knows she has got it. Rainbow hair colors are so pretty to look at they make us think, natural beauty is the best. Here we have that natural look made artificially. Have a new haircut, collect your favourite colors and put them together and there you go with bouncing highlights.


Start coloring strand by strand using foil for that perfection. Use bold hues for that magnetic effect. For new users to coloring, get them from a professional. You can go for that VIBGYOR look or create a archetype of yours for it like one dark color like indigo and one light color like pink and so on. You may even color the whole mane or a part of your fringe or just highlights. Go for that Nicki Minaj look with horizontal rainbow colors for a difference in a day. If you do not want to color them permanently get them temporarily colored that can last till 5-6 washes or spray colors that last for a single wash. Colors and highlights can give life to lanky hair and what more way to fill rainbow colors in it! Try it and get flooded with compliments!

Wassup new: More brilliant idea for total non damage to hair is coloring with rainbow chalk but of course that needs ample time every time you need this look. Go for Color Bug chalk colors. Anyhow it helps you to try new colors very often.


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