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The red and black combo in styling hair: perfect pick for the weekend to bang on!


Bang on red this summer! The ultimate combination of black and red pours excitement, ecstasy and glam. You can try red black combo in any hairstyle. Following combos can give you an idea.
1. Get a long razor cut and color the hair in thin streaks of dull red and black as the wig on the mannequin. Your oomph factor is sure to rise!

2. Try the short bob look with the inner margins of the black hair colored red. Keep them straight for best results!

3. Keep the ends of your shoulder length hair red with all over black. Pull the ends outwards and upwards with a straightener.

4. From the crest of your hair in pure red, blend the red downwards with the black. Gives your hair a rise!

5. Get yourself thin stripes of red and black distinctive from each other. Works best with limp hair to have the layered effect.

6. Make your hair all red with a dash of black at the ends. The fringe in red and the curly updo heightens your lady aspirations!

7. Get thick blending stripes of red in black and see the results yourself!

Wassup new: Avoid making mistakes as Kim Kardashian did. Never pair red highlighted hair with a dark red lip color or high accessories. Suit yourself to the best of red to show off this weekend girlz!!

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