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Methods To Create Wavy Dreads


Dreads are a very unique way of styling the hair and it can be worn in different styles even as a pony tail. Those who have long dreads they can also wear it straight down your back. But there is another way that can make your hairstyle look different is keep it wavy. It is not so simple to make the dreads look wavy as you must follow a proper method which makes it a very less use hairstyle among the celebrities.

Here is a way to get this style, first mist all over the hair lightly with water and then start dividing the hair into square sections with the help of your fingers. Make sure to leave more dreads on a section of the hair as per you desire. Next divide the sections with rubber bands and continue the styling with one section at a time. Add a little amount of leave-in conditioner over the section from the root to tip of the dreads. Keep the section in place from the root and twist it clockwise. Now you must roll the section around itself similar to a cinnamon roll. Send a hair pin through the roll and through the root of your section to secure the roll. Next use the same methods over the rest of the sections on your head. You must remove the rolls after ten hours and then use your fingers to style them in a proper way.

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