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Miley Cyrus’s bun with bangs: Hairstyle for an evening bonanza!



For an evening party, you need elegance with oomph. Keeping accessories very little and emphasizing on just hair and attire will give the best results. Miley’s look here reminds of prom parties, cocktails or movie premieres, anything may go. Just style your hair well and rock! For this look, you need to side sweep your bangs. Taking the rest of the hair from back, give one roll and attach them up with pins all over.  If you have long hair, you need to give two or three rolls depending upon the length. Make sure to leave the ends open and on front about 3-4 inches that make keep dangling on your neck. Secure with tight bun pins. Spread the loose hair ends over the bun.  Take a hair curler and curl the loose strands one by one and as you open the curls out of the curler, move the curler away from the bun. This way the curls will be loose, lengthy and dangling. Take a straightener now and straight up the front side bangs. Hairspray the bangs and the curls behind for a more secure and comfortable hairstyle for the evening. Now go and party loud!!

Wassup new:  To give height to the hair a little, do comb all hair upwards towards the sky and then bring them down making a loose bun. Do not use a comb afterwards. if your outfit is monochrome, accessorize this look with a crystal hair pin on the bun.


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