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Paris Hilton’s flowered hippy hairband look: time to get yours!!



Hilton is mostly seen endorsing her hippy look wherever she can. Here she comes again, this time with flowered headband. One bountiful advantage: Its as cheap as you want it to be. You can get those hairbands at even $4 and the range may go upto 400$ for crystal flowers. You can even make them at home using artificial or natural flowers and then sewing them in a elastic thread of the size of your head. Take care that the band is comfy.To take on this look straighten your hair and cut a side partition. Put on the headband with only a little of the front thickness of hair showing from underneath the band. Make sure all your hair are neatly put back behind your ears. Pull out a small portion of the hair lying under the band from both sides, just small pulling so that it gives out a n impression that and has been placed comfortably and not so tightly that pull lines are seen. Add colored extensions to your hair or simply spray hair color for that one day look. Combine with a long skirt and short top or bikini top and off you go strolling the beach or hitting an Afrojack party!
Wassup new: Never wear long dangling earrings when you have big hair accessories. Combine your hair look with a handbag of the color of your hairband. Trust me you stand out different.


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