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Paris Hilton’s side braid: look cute and chic together!


Paris is one chick who tries practically everything in style. She has ample money and time to do that! Here is a presentation of her girly façade by endorsing this side braid look. All hair sleak, well maintained after a quick shampoo and deep conditioning and left loose.

To have this look go for side partition. On the lesser side, take a thin section of hair leaving a little amount of hair near your forehead and align them along the margin. Make three thin strands out of the section of hair you are holding and start interwining to form a braid. When one interwining round is over, take little strand of hair and blend them in right and left interwining sections and again give a round of weaving , like making a plait that has connections to the roots everytime you give a round of braiding. Braiding is done by pulling the left strand over the middle strand and then going under the right one, repeating the same for the right side. Do as many rounds as you like your look to be. If you want a girly look, keep the rounds to maximum seven and fix a hairpin where it ends. If you like it ladylike, make a loose bun out of rest of your hair after giving about 10-15 rounds of braiding that go far where the bun starts.

Wassup new: Try this look, till you get perfect in braiding. Trust me there are lots of braids that you can experiment with. Lots of them are coming up get ready for summer, chicks!!


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