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Using crystal hairpins: Make the best of gems!!


Gems have been used since ages apart on hair. First thing, they make you look classy and elegant. Secondly, they completely change the personโ€™s fascia. They ultimately make the beholderโ€™s eyes shift to themselves, no matter what clothes or other accessories a person is taking hold of.

Gems and crystals in earlier eras used to be the playthings of only the rich coz real diamonds and gemstones were used that time. But nowadays you can even get them at lower and affordable prices. A single gemstone hairpin can cost as low as $15-$20.

You can get them in pearls as well for that graceful glance. Try them on buns, side partitioned hair or updos. They are sure to bring wows! For those brides to be, they can select big hair crystal pins that can make you look princess of your D-day! Blondes can go for darker shades of crystals like purple, black, red, green, royal blues, auburn, fuschia and bottle greens since it stands out. Brunettes and black haired can go for lighter tones that give that one quick awe glance to their whole panache. They can go for white, transparent, lighter shades of pink, fuschia, golden and silver. You are sure to attract compliments and envy the same time!!

Wassup new: Some hairpins have dangling chains of crystals, try them on the side braid or bun, they will enhance your look. Ladies can go for pearls for that modish look. Go on and crystallize!!!

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