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Dakota Fanning’s simple sleak hairdo: not a hair out of place and you look stunning!!


One of the most simplest hairstyles to go on a evening party! As long as straight hair has been in fashion it has always been associated with elegance. Dakota here proves that correct. When you have lesser time in your kit or you are tired of doing updo’s and want to keep it sleak and in place, this is the most simple hairstyle to go for. In a party, the straight hair speaks for itself. To get this look, you just need a proper haircut. It is a same length cut, a little lower than the shoulders. The roots are dyed black or brunette. Apply lots of mousse for shine and weight. It keeps the hair down and prevents frizz. Straighten up the hair using a hair straightener and mould the ends towards inside. There you go off with the most simple yet the most elegant hairstyle for an evening party!!

Wassup new: If you have simple dress, you can accessorize your look with a sleak silver hairband. It will exaggerate your spell!

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