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Flowers adorning loose hair: pick for summer beach time!!


Aww! The summer has set in and we havn’t decided what style to have for the beach. Well, freshness is knocking at your door!! Let’s be natural this time for the beach. What about fresh blossomed flowers? Rich colors, variety of shapes and completely unpretentious. That our pick for this season: natural flowers attached to loose hair for that beach time! To have this look you need few fresh flowers. Make sure they are blossomed and smell good. Cut their stems till about 2 inches are left. Make a side partition of your hair. Comb well. Now you can choose any hair style for loose hair. Go for simple straight hair or loose waves made with a curler and then opened with fingers or go for tight curls. Anything will go. If you have short hair better go with small flowers. You can even go for two to four flowers at one time. Attach the flowers on the lesser side of the partition and fix the stem with pins and then cover the stems that can be seen with some hair on the side and again attaching another pin.

Wassup new: The flowers must appear to arise from behind your ear. It gives a natural and a fresh feel to the persona and the atmosphere. Dahlia, Hibiscus,Plumeria, Rose and Orchids flowers have been used for ages in hair. So what are you waiting for? Pick a large flower and off you go to the beach!!

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