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Hairstyle With Beads


Hairstyle with beads can look cute and it is mostly worn by small children. This type was of styling the hair can be a perfect choice for a kids’ party or to achieve a fun summer look. You can add small beads on few strands of the hair or sometimes beads can be used over a braided hairstyle. To get a formal look wear delicate glass beads and if you are going to use on the children get colorful pony beads. There are also wooden and metal beads that are available which can be used on the hair. Hair beading is usually combined with hair wraps with embroidery floss and ribbon which can be create on your own.

First select the suitable beads for your hair which may include wooden beads, pretty glass beads or larger pony beads. If you are planning to get a more delicate look try to get tiny seed beads. Next use a comb to brush the hair completely to remove tangles. Start keeping the hair beads over the handle of the floss threader and arrange it as per your desire from the scalp to the end of your hair. Collect six to ten strands of hair to use seed beads or small braid for pony beads. Start sending the hair through the loop to with a threader and add a small rubber band below the beads or if you are using a seed beads add a drop of glue.

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