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Jennifer Lawrence’s bangs with ponytail: A great messy look!!


Her hunger games made it through and so does her hairstyle. Jennifer Lawrence adorns here a messy ponytail and front long bangs and side flicks. The frizz has not been put down owing to the narration that the party is an easy go, day goer like a book launch or an exhibition. Perfect learning step for teen girls stepping out into world of sleek updo’s, cocktail parties and evening gowns.

To get this look shampoo and condition properly but do not use antifrizz serum or high amounts of mousse to reduce frizz. To try this look, put your bangs on front and take back all your hair in a high ponytail. Pull out two flicks out about the length of your chin. Keep the ponytail high and band it with a hair band or a thin scrunchie. To add height to your hair, pull out some hair about 2-3 cms from top of your head to create that effect.  Make sure not too much hair is pulled out from the band lest it will appear bad. Do not straighten up the ponytail. Let it remain as it is. Just finger comb for the messy look of it. You can straighten up the bangs moulding their ends inside. You are ready!

Wassup new: As this look already contains bangs, flicks and a high ponytail, accessorizing this will ruin its look. So its better to avoid any kind of accessory. Even keep the hair band sleek and black and your day is shining!!

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