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Methods To Use Spiral Roller Rods


Having a hairstyle with spiral curls can give a different look for anyone and it is a perfect choice for any special event like wedding, prom or a date. To create this type of hairstyle you must use spiral roller rods. Most of the women would have problems in using this item, so they would get help from a hairstylist. For those who would like to try these styles at home on there own they can just follow these simple steps.

To begin the styling process, first wash your hair and try to keep it a little damp. Next divide the hair into small square sections with the help of a comb and hold the rest of your hair in place with a hair scrunchy. Now use the hook of the spiral roller rod on the root of the hair and then wrap the hair around and down the spiral roller rod. Follow the same process for the other sections of the hair too. Secure the end of your spiral roller rod using a clip which will avoid the hair from unraveling around the spiral roller rod. Use a blow dryer to dry the hair and then remove the spiral roller rods by unraveling the hair. Make sure to remove the clip at the tip of the hair after taking the spiral roller rods. At last spread the curls evenly through the head with the help of your fingers and avoid using a comb.

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