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Miley Cyrus’s two braid look: simple cute look for the day!


Kinda experimenting with simple looks can make you edgy over others. Miley here adorns two braids, one on opposite sides and attains a wow! This look is simple and girly. For a day outside, it is one of the best looks when you want anything to be simple yet leave your signature.

To get this look, go for side partition. Take a small section of hair in front and start braiding them along the margin towards the ear.  Leave a little amount of hair near your forehead and make it parallel them along the margin. Make three thin strands out of the section of hair you are holding and start interweaving  to form a braid. When one weaving round is over, take little strand of hair and blend them in right and left weaving sections and again interwine , like making a plait. Make sure your braid has attachments to the roots every time you give a round of braiding. Braiding is done by pulling the left strand over the middle strand and then going under the right one, repeating the same for the opposite side. Repeat the same process to the other end of partition. Fix the braids with pins. Take a curler and start making thick curls. Do not heat much. Let them loose. Open them up with fingers to make waves and there you go for a simple day!!

Wassup new: you may even keep your hair straight or braid only one side of the partition. Your look is going fab!!

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