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Rashida Jones latest hairstyle: Shoulder length with front straight bangs


One dinner and a straight hair do. Perfect evening spotlight!!  Rashida looks stunning in her look and the whole eye goes to her hairstyle. It is absolutely amazing!! All you need is a trip to saloon for the cut of your hair. Rest you can do at home.To try this look, shampoo and condition your hair well. Cut your hair till shoulder length. All hair should be of same length. From the crest of your hair, bring some of the hair to front and divide into three sections.  Cut the middle one to the length just above the upper eyelid. Cut the left and the right front sections razor wise to a length till the middle of the ear. Use lots of mousse for a greater amount of shine.Take a straightener and straighten up all the shoulder length hair. Also do the same for the front and side bangs. While doing that for bangs, mould the ends towards inside. Make sure you do not have thick bangs. Spray on golden color shine at the ends and blend them with the normal hair color.  Give a hair spray and there you go with panache!

Wassup new: you can add a sleak headband above the bangs. That too will look elegant. Always get your haircut from a hairstylist even if you need to cut your bangs. The person opposite to you can always judge better about your hair.

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