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Maintaining Curly Hair Overnight


Having a curly hair can look dry and frizz when compared to a straight hair as the sebum from your scalp will have problems in traveling down the hair shaft and then reaching the ends. To keep the curls stays in optimal condition try to nurture it. You must avoid washing curly hair every day as it will remove the moisture from the hair and leave the curls frizzy as well as lank. There is a simple method that can help you to keep the natural curls overnight. The curly hairstyle will look good on any type of hair and on any one too.

To keep the natural curls overnight, first use a large elastic or cloth hair to tie around the wrist. Flip the hair over your head by bending over at your waist. Then pull the hair up on top of the head using your hand and hold it in place at the center of your head. Next wrap the hair tie loosely around the base of the ponytail. Pull your hair most of the way through and avoid creating a true ponytail which must look similar to a loose bun in a pineapple shape. Use a satin pillowcase to your pillow to sleep on it overnight which will reduce friction between hair and pillow. Remove the hair tie in the morning. Finally spread a pea-sized amount of styling cream all over the hair and style the hair as usual.

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