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Miley Cyrus shoulder length bob hairdo: Lady in panache!!


Miley’s hair cast spell here! The hairstyle is created for that perfect elegance a lady has. Teamed for an evening gala, this retro hairstyle creates a sense of environment where the sense of hairstyling impressions the beholder , the first glance in a second. Having an aura of class besides it, this hairstyle is the feminism oozing instrument.

To create this style, cut your hair shoulder length, preferably layered both at the back and at the sides. Give a side partition. Make as many sections of hair horizontally as there are layers in the haircut. Separate the sections with clamp clips.Take a thick curling rod and start curling the lower section, back hair first. The curls should be 1-2 inches from ends and curled towards outside.  Curl the lower section from all the sides. Then curl the upper next section and then the topmost one. The curls should be tight. From the front, on the greater side, take the front side section and comb it upwards to create height. Spray lots of hairspray so that the heightened effect stays for long. Then just curl the lower one inch towards outside just for 10 seconds so that they give the moulded effect and not proper curls. On the lesser side, comb sweep your hair backwards towards the ear sleekly. Keep that section behind the ear.  Now open up all the curls at the back and the side 2-3 times with your fingers by waving your fingers from start to end of curls to create that messy effect. Spray a lot. You are ready and stunning!!

Wassup new:  Do not accessorize your hair much. Only if your dress is monotonous, add a simple crystal hair clip on the lesser side. The party is on!!

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