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Mileyโ€™s short curly hairdo: Frill in perfect style!!


Her lace matches with her frills. No, this time isnโ€™t wearing frills on the clothes but on her hair! Her hairstyle is a short curly, messy one which gives her chic look combined with sassiness. To have this effect, cut your hair shoulder length and give a center partition. Now take a curling rod and start curling thin strands. Do not curl for long otherwise it gives a clean look. Make sure you take thin piece of hair to curl every time. When done, with a straightener, take the last one inch end of the strands and straighten them up, pulling them downwards. When done, move your head to right and left a few times very fast to messen it up more and create air space in between to give it substance and a thick look. Spray your hair to keep in place. Off you go, ole!!

Wassup new: Whenever you go for curls or straightening that is done for a very short period of time, you need to hairspray it more so that your hair stays in place for longer periods. Keep rocking!!

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