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Ponytails: Age old way to tie hair and style it.


In the former era where civilization wasn’t so advanced, women who used to work wanted to tie their hair so that it may not fall onto their face. So they inadvertently made used of their hands to tie them in a bun. Then came the pony tails when style was needed to emphasize and women wanted to show to the other women, the length of their hair along with proper tying. Peasant workers, cooks, teachers, all needed to have a style that could secure both the functions. Ponytails were invented and women used to tie them up with flowers, ribbons, laces, nets and long hanging stoles. Then came the rubber bands. Simple and sleak and proved very useful. After that scrunchies were invented that rule almost now.  Ponytails can be worn is variety of ways. According to position, they can be tied at nape of the neck, crest of the head or in the middle of both. Nowadays side way ponytails are in where ponytail is attached at the side of the neck and brought forward. According to the length, ponytails are short or medium or long. According to style they are straight and sleek, afro, wavy or curly. According to the take in, they are half or full. In half one only some of the hair is tied up into ponytail and rest is left loose. When tired of one style you can always wrap up your ponytail into a bun and create another one!

Wassup new: Males too have been fond of growing their hair and styling them into ponytails. You can have David Beckham style or the samurai one which is as old as the civilization.  Curl or straighten up the ends of your ponytail for an enhanced style. Flaunt your hair in ponytail some day!

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