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Choosing the right kind of brown: from so many browns to one!!


Do you know which is the most natural abundant hair color we come across? The most frequently found hair color is brown. As it is diverse, it splits into a number of shades that are difficult to choose from. Boldly, it can be divided into 2 categories, darker, intense and light, warmer shades.ย  From being a dark brunette to just touching red, browns vary in hue a lot. Its variation goes from dark black to red to purple and yellow. The natural concept was taken into consideration, lighter shades for light skin tones and darker shades for darker skin tones. Whereas lighter shades make you lose years off, darker shades of brown may accentuate your skin tone. Going for medium color is an excellent bet as it helps you experiment newer shades of brown next time you color your hair.

There are different shades of brown you can go for. One is darkest brown which is nearer to off black, dark brown, copper brown, truly brown, ash brown and light brown. Ash brown is a shade that points towards yellow. Copper brown is more towards red. Some hues are coffee shaded which includes light and dark coffee. There are plenty of browns to choose from. Start experimenting from your natural skin tone and go bolder or lighter as you desire.

Wassup new: ย For best results. Color your hair with any brown and highlight with lighter shades to have all brown effect. You can even add bold neon colors or blonde colors to the highlights. Choose your own haircolor. Mix and match!!

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