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Creating Alkaline Waves


Alkaline Waves can be achieved on the type of perm which is used on the hair. The perm is usually determined by the type of wave you are planning to make the hair hold in place and condition of the hair pre-perm. Most of the women in the present day like to wear a hairstyle that is wavy or curly as it gives them a beautiful look. Here is a simple way that can help add achieve alkaline waves to the hair without any problem.

Try using an acid wave on the hair that is fine or the hair that has been damaged or even colored. This will use heat which will create a looser curl. Try out alkaline wave for the hair which is thick, coarse or which is resistant to perming as it will help to produce a firmer curl that will last longer. It does not need any heat activation and can be used on a normal hair as it does not require hair-damaging heat. This will create a firm, spiral curl or wave. Purchase a perm at a grocery store and know the ingredients that are required for your hair is available on the product. Alkaline perms have moisturizers and are considered to be safe for using on highlighted and color-treated hair. To create this hairstyle, first wash the hair and wind the hair around the curlers and then apply alkaline perm all over the hair. Next rinse the hair and apply neutralizer lotion.

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