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How to style hair under a cap: look chic with caps this summer!!


Whenever the tomboy spirit rises in, caps are the first thing to be adorned. With that sets in the dungarees, shorts, capris and sneakers. But one thing many of us forget to do is style our hair. Just because it is hiding under a cap, we do not bother much. Caps actually accessorize our hair and  tends to mould the onlooker’s eye firstly to hair. Various styles can be preferred under different caps. Under a baseball cap, straight hair looks best.  Under a beanie cap you can go either way but the curls look their best on beanies. Whenever you are n a mood to wear military caps or boonies, keep your hair wavy and flowing. For a more feminine side, wear newsboy cap. Adorn a loose waves with that too. You can try beret cap in winters and experiment all kinds of styles with that. Even plaits and ponytails when combined with caps look good.  Teens may try plaits with balmoral caps. Two ponytails look very pretty with a base ball cap paired with a dungaree. You always have the option of wearing a cap on a bad hair day too!!

Wassup new: Sometimes even ‘out of the bed’ look works well with caps. But for hanging beanies, straight sleek hair looks best which is the favourite look of the stars. Adorn one and give yourself a style kick!!

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