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Lauren Conrad’s pink dipped ponytail: Creating own Barbie styles!!


Lauren Conrad’s pink ponytail is the most talked style in town at the moment. Her ponytail looks like that of Barbie doll, taking us into our playful days. Time to get little playful again! Color your hair in bright pink, blue, green, purple or red. Lauren sports a look here that has only the ends colored about 4-5 inches. That gives her ponytail substance and a look of heaviness at the bottom. For those girls having thin hair at the ends can go for this look to camouflage. Dark pink also looks good in combination with black or browns. So any hair type can opt for this look.

To create this hairstyle, you need to cut your hair till shoulder length, preferred in steps. Dye your hair in pink taking only the 4-5 inch ends in consideration.  Make a high sleek ponytail and tie a band around its neck.  Take a curling rod and curl the colored ends only. Open the curls with fingers and your Barbie is ready!!

Wassup new: Try whole proper thick tight curls with this hair color. It will give a completely different look to your persona. Be a Barbie yourself!!

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