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Rihanna’s very short front sweep: A statement of its own!


She is a style bunny. When I see teenagers following her hairstyle, I am made to think how people want to go rebellious too. Even the teen girls match her to perfection in terms of hairstyles. Pixie cut suits a very few and Rihanna knows the best how to make any cut suit her profile. Her face has the oval shape with pointed chin to enhance anything she makes out of her hair. This cut is business like, pours out class and is extremely sleek.

To have this style, cut your hair extremely short with about the length till the ear. From the crest of your head bring the hair to the front to create front bangs. Cut them razorwsie and keep them a little longer than usual. Make sure when they fall they cover your eyes a little. The front bangs must be thin and few and not very thick. The central strand may even hang upto the nose. Take care to show your forehead from in between the bangs. Spread on lots of mousse and straighten the hair. Fix with a hairspray and there you go on a first class business meet!!

Wassup new: Avoid any accessories here. It spoils the look. You may even keep your bangs to a side. Make sure your hair is extra shiny when you go for this style. Pixie hair babe, here you go!!

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