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Kim Kardashian’s long sleek side pinned hairstyle: Longer styles at their best!


Kim flaunts a longer hairstyle here, easy to carry and simple, unpretentitious.  Many of us who have longer hair do not know how to style our hair best.  Longer hair can be used to make great updo’s without the help of any extensions or can be used to make thick buns, ponytails, longer plaits and braids. The secret of flaunting longer hair lies in its length. Show it off with a greater shine and a cut that suits your face. Sleek waves can be promising on the front and loose curls look so beautiful on a longer mane. Attach a nice scrunchie for a high sleek ponytail. Wear crystals or pins to enhance your look.

Kim here supports the sleek straight hairstyle. To get this, you need to shampoo and condition your hair richly. Use mousse and anti frizz. Frizz does not look good on longer manes. Give a side partition. Straighten up your hair with hair straightener and mould the ends towards inside. On the lesser side attach some sleek black pins near the ear to move the hair a little up. You can even go for crystal pins here. You are at your best for the longer looks!!

Wassup new: Avoid longer earrings if you have accessorized your hair with bigger crystals. It puts the look from hair to the earrings.  Spray a shiner and off you go for the party!!

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