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The two plait style: Works even now!!


We have been plaiting our hair in two plaits when we were in school. A lot many people think two plaits is a child story but that isn’t true. You can be classy and elegant in two plaits too. Today, the messy look is in, it gives any style to be tried and tested. Two plaits are easy to make, more easy to maintain and most easily to be comfortable with. They look feminine and can look chic and classy too. The tomboys always opt for this look as it looks cute. Combine with a base ball cap or colorful scrunchies or hair clips to give a different style. To create this style, you need to make a side or a center partition according to choice. Start plaiting from the nape of the neck. Do not go higher or on top of the head. Make tight plaits or simple loose messy plaiting as you want your look to be. Tie the rubber bands around 1-2 inches from the ends. Keep your plaits on the front. Combine this look with front bangs or side bangs to enhance the femininity. You are ready!!

Wassup new: Men can opt for small two plaits too to give an edge to their hair. It takes time for the style to be adaptable to men, but it looks dapper.

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