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Beyonce Knowles ultimate sleek hair: Extra straight with darker roots!


Beyonce is a one talented lady. With a style she has in her singing, she manages to put the same in her persona too. She changes her style every now and then, experimenting with newer techniques. Here she sports a simple sleek party hairstyle that requires preferably no former preparation for rebonded hair.  Beyonce keeps her hair style simple yet unique by keeping her roots black. That creates an edge. You can go for any hair color combination. Red and black or pink and black. Choose your own dyes.

To have this look, you need to straighten up your hair. If your hair are already straight or medium wavy then you can use a straightener. Curly hair may need rebonding for that extra sleekness. Make a side partition comb well and flaunt your hair. Simple!! You can even combine this look with front bangs or side bangs. Do not forget to spray.

Wassup new: Combine with a sleek hair band for that extra finish. You are sure to be noticed!!


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