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Chanelle Hayes With Preppy Hairstyle


Chanelle Hayes has got a simple preppy hairstyle which can give a neat and polished look with medium length hair. This hairstyle was popular in the 1950s and it is also considered to be a classic way of styling the hair. This style can be changed as per your desire to fit on any type of hair in a matter of minutes. It can be achieved on any type of hair on any length of the hair but make sure it is at least medium length. Here is a simple way that can help to create this hairstyle very easily.

To get this style, first wash the hair and conditioning it in a proper way. Use a towel to dry the hair and then divide it into sections for blow drying the hair. Try to add more volume to the roots of your hair by bending and flipping it over the head while drying the hair. Now add a little amount of smoothing hair cream all over your hair when it is still damp and distribute it properly. Make sure the parted hair is straight without zigzags and then divide the hair into sections. Next use a flat iron to get extra sleek hair and a polished look. Start flipping the hair ends inside and outside with a round brush and part it at the center using a fine-tooth comb. At last use any type of hair accessories which will make the hairstyle look more beautiful.

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