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Charlize Theron’s braid bun: The newer classy style!


Braids and plaits are in fashion now, so why not opt for the braiding when you go for a party. It looks magnificent and different, of course. Try this out some time for a different look from the usual.

To create this style, shampoo your hair well. Deep condition with a rich conditioner. Blow dry. Make a side partition and start braiding from both the sides, one by one. Braiding is done by interwining strands of hair an each time you give a weave, you add a thin section of hair from the section you are not braiding. This way you have the connections to the roots with every roll of weaving. When one side braiding is done, clamp it and go for the other side. When both done, bring both braids together towards the greater side and on the lower part and roll them to make a rosette. Attach with pins all over to secure. Give hairspray. Combine the look with side bangs or keep it simple. It looks classy!

Wassup new: For people who have short hair, they can go for extensions to be weaved in the braids to give their rosette a little thickness. It looks absolutely chic and feminine. Go to the prom with this, you are sure to attract compliments!

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