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Danni Minogue’s short convex bob: Sleek short hairdo.


From various Danni’s short hairdos, this one is my favourite. The reason is simple. It is short, elegant and sleek and chic. A good haircut is needed before you style this. That’s all. For this hairstyle you need to have a convex bob haircut. Convex haircut means the hair is styled to hang towards inside, creating a cap like effect. To have this haircut, you need to spread hair from the crest of your head to the front and back.  Cut equally from back till the length of your chin. In the front, cut the bangs equally, a little above the eyebrows. Blow dry your hair and straighten them up. Spread lots of shiner spray and you got to be envied in the party!

You can have longer bangs according to your face types. On a broader face, longer side bangs suit the most and on longer faces, longer front bangs suit the most. The most important thing in this hairstyle is that not a hair should be out of place. It should be well groomed and appear extra shiny.

Wassup new: In the bangs, make sure they are not so thick and the forehead is showing from between them. The face appears longer this way.


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