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Jessica Alba’s double crown braid: Heidi braids at their best!!


She has sported so many braiding styles in the near past that whenever you are short of braid styles, go for Jessica’s gallery! She knows well how to maintain a braiding style well and carry’s off magnificiently. To have her double crown braid hairstyle, comb well your hair and make no partition. From the right ear, pull out thin section of hair and start braiding going towards the other ear through the forehead margin. Clamp it. Comb well the rest of her hair and pull out a small section of hair just behind the braid done and clip it to be used afterwards. To the rest of her hair, comb backwards and collect all the hair at the bottom. Pin the hair to create the collected bun effect. Do not roll. Secure with pins all over the sides as this type of bun is difficult to maintain without proper pins. When done tightly, clamp open the separated section of hair and make a plait and arrange it next to the already done braid. Fix both the braids where they finish with pins. Give a heavy hair spray and you are ready to go!!


Wassup new: These braids may take time but they are beautiful and enhance the feminity. When done, they do not need regular touchups. They are secure and ladylike. Go for it!!



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