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Jessica Alba’s two braids in style: The messy outlook for the perfect party!


Jessica Alba is cute and so is her hairstyle. As the messy outlook is the pomp nowadays, more and more people are trying for it. Messy hairstyle suits to the casual outgoings as well as for the chic parties combined with elegant attire. Jessica here supports a two braid hairstyle which has been messed up to form a bun behind.

To have this look, make a center partition. Keep this partition short just 2 inches from forehead. Comb back the rest of the hair. Take thin sections of your hair from the one side on the front and start braiding towards the side. Clamp it when done and braid the other side of the partition too.  Hold the both braids together along with the rest of the hair at the back and make a messy bun by rolling hair over and over. Fix pins to secure. Make sure the bun isn’t very high. Keep it low. Your look is done!

Wassup new: Do not opt for bangs here, it lets the highlight shift from the braids to the bangs. Keep it simple, keep it messy and do not comb much. If the hair get tangled, open with fingers. Spray a little. Your party look is ready!!


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