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Rihanna With Undercut Hairstyle


Rihanna has got a beautiful undercut hairstyle which is a similar to a bowl haircut. In this style the hair at the back side of your head will be shaved and you will also have long hair with layered grown on top of the head. This type of hairstyle was started in the European countries where the hair below the temples will be cut short and there will be longer hair falling on the shoulder. It is considered to be a unique way of styling the hair which also gives a great appearance. This hairstyle is a similar variation of the blunt cut which will be of one length and having a blunt hairstyle with an undercut is also a unique way to styling your hair.

It is easy to get this style, first gently trim your hair to make it reach at one level and make sure to keep your hair as well as heavier to create this style very easily. Now the hair must look straight s it can be curled with the help of a curling iron along with a styling product. Try to leave the hair long and you can also leave it at chin length after creating an undercut. In this hairstyle, the layers of the hair will be trimmed slightly shorter than the usual way and it can also be curled to make your style look completely different. Mist the hair with a hairspray to add shine to the hair.

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