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Danni’s sleek back sweep: Go more bold this party season!


Danni has gone little androgynous with this hairstyle which fully compliments her dress and style. the hairstyle seems more suave and propels boldness. She has just given a different look to her short bob hairstyle by using hair gel. To have this look, give a side partition to your hair and move back all hair behind your ears on both the sides. Gel up the bangs too and blend with the hair to the side. Your androgynous look is ready. For more bolder looks, do not partition the hair and give a complete sweep backwards. Do not forget to use gel here. It will keep the hair in place. Do not accessorize with this look. Let your hair alone speak for you. You are sure to be attracted!

Wassup new: Keep this haircut of same length throughout. It will enhance its style. Look bolder, go for sweeps!


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