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Halle Berry’s short pixie haircut: shorn up in style!


This is the signature style statement of Halle Berry since she had shorter mane for long.  She makes the pixie cut simply adorable and attractive. The Oscar winner has from so many years endorsed this pixie cut that it is now her signature hair style. Her style is simple. One to two inches pixie cut which is uneven. Apply hair gel in moderate quantities to the hair, moving your fingers upwards through the hair unevenly. Do not use larger amounts of gel for this look otherwise it may create spikes. Your look is ready.

Wassup new: Many of us do not sacrifice our hair for this short pixie look especially the ones who have longer manes. But nevertheless for those who can experiment it’s a gamble. Broader faces and broader heads do not support this look well and it difficult to carry off. Its best maintained by longer faces or angular faces. Get yourself teamed up to go for this look. You can always grow your hair back into short bob after this cut. Happy pixing!

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