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Rachel McAdams messy updo: Greater style for the evening gala!


Rachel endorses a messy updo, done very cleanly but made to give a messy outlook. Her hairdo completely compliments her face and her attire and is the perfect choice of hairstyle for an evening event.

To have her hairstyle, you need to shampoo your hair well. Use a conditioner and deep condition your hair. Use lots of mousse. Now, comb your hair keeping the bangs on the sides. Comb and pull all your hair horizontally keeping all hair parallel to the floor. Give one twist with your hand to the hair and fix the ends on the top of your head. From where you twisted the hair, start folding the hair towards inside into a vertical roll so that the roll is aligned at 90 degrees to the floor. Keep rolling till you reach the roots. When reached, fix with pins to secure. Now, open the ends and with a curling rod, curl the ends of the hair into loose curls. Open them up to make a messy updo over the vertical roll. Straighten up your side bangs and give a shot of hairspray. You are ready for the event!!

Wassup new:  Once practiced, its very easy to make. Perfect hairstyle for prom parties and dinners. Try it and make one messy updo yourself!



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