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Rihanna’s bob fohawk style: With a hint of blonde this time!


Rihanna is sporty and so is her look this time. She has been a little edgy over others in experimenting with her hairstyles and usually comes out a winner. Here is her short bob look which is called the fohawk hairstyle. Rihanna looks super attitudic, confident and buoyant. Her blonde streak on top gives an impression of feminity mixed with tomboyishness. She has kept all other things simple so that her hairstyle wins the spotlight. Her hairstyle is complimented by her lower eyeliner.
To create this hairstyle, you need a short bob haircut just two inches from the roots. Make three sections of hair going from front to back with a rat tail comb. Make sure the middle section is the largest of the three. On both the side sections, cut the hair short about less than half an inch remaining. On the back too come down gradually from two inches at the top to less than half an inch at the bottom. In the middle section, color blonde one to two strands or spray temporary blonde color. Now, comb properly all through. Take hair gel and rub it on the hair in the middle section moving your hands upwards. With your fingers, pull to the side three to four strands, making the look messy. Your look is ready for the event!!
Wassup new: Experiment with more bold colors like purple and red or neon orange and pink. Go for rainbow ends this season!

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