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Amanda Seyfried bun with a head band: Messiness mixed with sleekness!


Amanda Seyfried hairstyle is a high updo bun with a sleek headband. The style is simply feminine and pours elegance. Perfect for a premiere or a book launch this style is got to suit as many. Amanda looks so naturally graceful in this hairdo that it speaks for itself. To keep her hairstyle on spotlight, she has kept her accessories bare minimum. To have Amandaโ€™s hairstyle first have a proper wash and deep conditioning. Then use mousse over the hair. Comb properly. Now, with a rat tail comb make two sections of hair horizontally from left ear, going upwards towards right ear. Clamp that front section. Now, comb the back section upwards. Once combed upwards, comb backwards with hair held up to create substance and thickness. Tie a rubber band to make a tight high ponytail. Twist and roll the tail to form a bun wrapping it over the neck of the ponytail. Secure the bun with bobby pins.

Now, open the front section and comb it good. Back comb it to create the height. Now make a short front poof out of it and fix it behind the puff. With the ends of the poof, wrap them over the bun all over so that the bun looks clean sweeped and gives a collected effect. Fix the ends with bobby pins too. Now take a sleek head band and while combing backwards, place it over the front poof so that it divides the poof into two sections. Give a shot of hairspray and off you go with this graceful look!

Wassup new: This hairstyle looks easy but requires hard work. It comprises of 3 styles mixed. Front poof, ponytail (which eventually gets hidden) and a bun. Try this messy look combined with sleekness some day!

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