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Kate Hudson’s round bun: Perfect hairstyle for a dinner!


Kate Hudson looks here apparently full of grace while attending president’s dinner lately.  Her bun was chic, feminine, royal and above all sleek and clean. It may be easy for some to get this hairstyle due to the long length of hair but for some with shorter hair it might sound difficult. To have this hairstyle, you need a round or doughnut shaped thick and wide rubber band. First thing for extra shine, shampoo and condition well. Apply mousse. Now comb back all your hair into a tight high ponytail. For longer hair, twist this ponytail till t becomes a hard sausage and then wrap t around the neck of your ponytail. Fix it with pins. If hair is much longer then you can give two round s of wrapping. For shorter hair, take the doughnut rubber band and move the ends of your ponytail between it and wrap them around the band. Keep moving the doughnut band towards inside so as to wrap the whole of the hair on the doughnut band. When it approaches the neck of ponytail fix it up with tight pins so that it might not open up. Your round bun is ready!!

Wassup new: keep trying this hairstyle as it needs proper practice to form good and perfect buns. Make sure the bun is on the top. It creates height as well as elegance.

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