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Lady Gaga’s double pleated ponytail: A cut with a style!


Well, one more tryable look out of Lady Gaga hairstyles. This one has a double edge. First, it is double pleated hairstyle. Secondly as it is ponytail on top, it makes you different. Well, this look may seem simple, but it sure does allure hard work. To create this hairstyle, you need first a proper wash and deep conditioning of your hair. You may need three kinds of hair extensions. First is medium second is long and third is extra long. Make sure all three are sleek and straight and same length hair in each type otherwise you may be spending hours on them to untangle once they get awry. Now, comb your hair all upwards towards a little side. Fix hair extensions one by one. Adapt the extra long hair extensions. Over them attach the longer and on the top attach the medium one. It gives a pleated effect. Secure all the three with a rubber band. Now, take all of your natural hair that have been moulded into the ponytail and twist it. Keep twist it until it forms a tight sausage. Now, wrap this tight sausage around the neck of the ponytail and fix it with pins. Make sure you got good stuff on pins otherwise the sausage may open up. Keep the ponytail in the front along your neck. Spray a lot. Your pleated look is ready!

Wassup new: Try working with different colored hair extensions and give an edge to the pleated ponytail. Be a star!!

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