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Lady Gaga’s side ponytail: style on the top!!


This is one of the Lady Gagas so called normal looking hairstyles. Otherwise sported in some funky and weird hairstyles, this one can be called as wearable. The hairstyle is simple and those with short hair will need ponytail extensions to have it. To have this hairstyle, first shampoo and condition well. Now, comb all your hair towards up and towards a little left side. Leave the bangs to the front. Make sure your ponytail looks like it is on the top of your head. Attach ponytail extensions if your hair is hort. Secure with a thick rubber band. Cut your bangs about one and a half to two inches from the eyebrows, keeping them short. Comb them front. Comb your tail and keep it in front of your neck. You can try making loose waves with the ponytail or keep it natural, it is your choice. Spray well. Your Lady Gaga look for the evening is ready. Try sporting the look with a chic or a funky rubber band.

Wassup new: If you want to look funky and experimental as Lady Gaga, try for this look. It gives you an edge and you may endorse it while going for rock concerts or punk parties. Combine with leather outfit for best results to show what attitude you are made of. Do not accessorize much with this look otherwise it will spoil its raw inclusion. Sport this hairstyle one day and your attitude is sure to be noticed!

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