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Kate Mara’s messy low-do with crystals: the messy look is super in!!


Since the messy look is in these days, many of the stars at the Oscars have been adorning these hairstyles. Kate Mara too wears a typical messy low-do but with a statement. She attaches two crystals to it to make it glow and speak for itself. To have Kate Mara’s look you need the first thing, a proper wash and deep conditioning. Then make a center partition of hair with a comb and comb well. Leave the hair. Do not blow dry or use curlers. When dry naturally, on one side, take a small section of hair and clamp it for future use. Now hold back all of your hair a little to one side near the nape of the neck and make a messy low-do by giving a twist or two to the dried hair and making the ends hang up loosely. Pin up the twisted hair and its ends. Now open the front side section of hair clamped earlier. Hang it low and taking the ends over the low-do, fix up two crystal clips. Give a dab of hair spray. Your messy low-do is done!!

Wassup new: Use crystal head wraps for the messy look, it goes well. Keep your accessories simple to focus on hairstyle. Enjoy!

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