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Penelope Ann Miller messy hair updo: Grace along with a head band!


Penelope Ann Miller is an out of age actress. She knows how to dress and hair style her age. She adorns here a messy updo along with a sleek head band. Her hairstyle is simple yet classy and put years off her look. To have Penelope Ann Miller’s updo hairstyle, you need a wash with a good shampoo and conditioner first. Comb and blow dry your hair. Do not use anti frizz. Now move some of the hair from the front towards the side with your fingers to create a faux partition without a comb. Now, pull back all the hair combing with your fingers into a ponytail. Do not band it. Now holding it from the ends, give a middle twist to it. Now fix it with pins and place the ends on the top of the roll. Fix the ends with pins too. Take a sleek head band and place it sleekly in your hair just letting the hair that was put aside to show underneath it. Give a shot of hairspray. You are done!!

Wassup new: Sometimes, messy look makes one elegant and lets your inner talent shine. Just depends on how beautifully you carry off the look!

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